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Eurycnema Versirubra - Timor Huge stick insects (UK bred) £1 per fertilised egg - just starting to be laid (July 2024)

Eurycnema Versirubra - Timor Huge stick insects (UK bred) £1 per fertilised egg - just starting to be laid (July 2024)

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We are just beginning to have fertilised eggs of this beautiful and rarely offered species - the first 9 fenales of this generation are now adult. We will post your order as soon as there are enough eggs but sometimes you might have to wait a week as we are taking them from the cage as we post them.  Watch our Eurycnema egg care video (the one with the plastic box) - it has a voice over.

All photos are of our insects.

We're breeding a lot of them in our biggest indoor green house cage and we now (July 9th 2024) have 9 adult females and lots of adult males. We might have the biggest breeding colony in the Europe.

We do request you buy at least ten eggs at a time - no upper limit although be sure you've got the space to house them all - thanks.  If you buy some live insects (other species) at the same time we could post them all together and add something extra from the saved postage.

They feed very happily on oak, evergreen oak or eucalyptus.

They apparently also eat Guava (leaves not the fruit!), beech (but ours don't like it), and some others even use bramble but we really don't advise it and ours say no! Maybe it's because they've always got oak as a choice...

The photo with the female on the pipe cladding is our female from the previous generation, she mated with many different males and laid 700 eggs, we are raising those offspring and they are now turning adult, some are massive!

The first time you keep these we advise starting with plenty of eggs and using oak, they're not a really easy species but this generation next to none of ours have died. If you've successfully kept jungle nymphs from hatchlings to adult you're probably fine BUT don't put these in with large jungle nymphs (ours are separate at all stages).

After some experimentation we now maintain 80-90% humidity, a large cage and 21-26 C for both the insects and eggs  (useful article but we don't agree with some of the food plants)

Our eggs from the last generation took 8-9 months to hatch at about 22-23 C, this is significantly longer than some sources report (we were a bit worried after 6 months) but we recorded the dates. We had a very high hatch rate putting the eggs on top of some fine vermiculite in a ventilated plastic takeaway box which was only very occasionally misted with filtered water and kept at 22-23 C by placing it in a larger cage which also helped with humidity (80%). A bit warmer still should speed things along. 


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